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gruum Tor Beard Wax 25g


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Get the gruum Tor Beard Wax 25g for the best price in the UK.

The hair on your face is just as important as the hair on your head, so it shouldn?t be neglected when it comes to styling. Tor beard wax is a real winner for keeping your face warmer fresh and fly away free. The lightweight formula gives you all the hold you need, minus the nasty sticky feeling. A little goes a long way with tor, a small amount of product will keep you sculpted for the day. Alongside taming your wiry mane (because cave-man is never a good look), tor beard wax helps to add fullness, so it?s a real all rounder for giving your beard some extra man points. No artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. Alcohol and EDTA free. Our products never contain parabens, sulphates, SLS or petrochemicals, and are not tested on animals.

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