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Red Wine Vondeling – Signal Cannon Merlot 2021 75cl Bottle


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Get the Red Wine Vondeling – Signal Cannon Merlot 2021 75cl Bottle for the best price in the UK.

This Vondeling – Signal Cannon Merlot 2021 75cl Bottle Wine is a delicious Red Wine. Colour: A deep ruby red.

Nose: A cheerful aroma of ripe red fruits, peppery spice and a hint of toasted oak.

Palate: A wonderful example of Merlot, with loads of red berry flavours and gentle tannins. A well rounded and vibrant palate with subtle oak and a delightfully long finish.

Pairing: Enjoy this wine with a wide variety of everyday meals such as Spaghetti Bolognese, Sweet casseroles, Sunday Roasts and of course a barbecue!

(Merlot 100%)

On the highest peak of Vondeling farm, lies a piece of heritage. One of the Cape’s original Signal Cannons rests where it was once used to communicate to farmers that a ship had arrived in Cape Town’s Table Bay harbour. Farmers would then hasten to the docks to trade their wares, swop stories and receive mail. In recognition of these brave pioneer farmers, we’ve named our wine after this symbol of their era. We hope you enjoy the wine.


All grapes are hand picked on our farm then destemmed directly to tank. Some tanks are fermented as whole berries to promote a lighter, fruitier palate, while others are crushed to extract structure and spiciness. This combination ensures a broad spectrum of flavours on the nose and palate.

After fermentation the wine is transferred to old 300Lt French oak barrels and the skins are basket pressed. Malo-lactic fermentation takes place in barrel after which the wines are racked. The wine spends a total of 12 months in barrel, after which it is bottled.

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