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Wolf Single Green Watch Winder


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SWISS CAPSULETM is a watch winder built with impeccable craftsmanship for the watch connoisseur and is powered by Swiss technology to wind your memorable and valuable time pieces. SWISS CAPSULE preserves time pieces by rewinding automatic wrist watches, through an innovative designed rotating capsule with a 5-year motor guarantee. SWISS CAPSULE has created an exceptional level of beauty with its’ new iconic watch winder, perfect for any watch lover. Features CONTEMPORARY & MODERN DESIGN: New ‘capsule’ shape design, patented watch support system, formidable watch winding motor mechanism in an exquisite array of colours DURABLE: The Swiss mechanism, strong long-lasting components, and an unmatched motor-performance second to none NO CHARGING: Swiss Capsule comes equipped with 7600 mAh long life batteries tested to give peak performance for approx. 2500-3800 hrs MOTOR: At consumption rate of 2 mA it achieves a speed of 8 RPM. Sheer engineering brilliance helps it achieve 850 rotations per day and can run for approx. 1. 77 hours per day MULTIPLE ROTATIONAL: Can be adjusted to rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise or in both directions

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