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Muhle Glashutte MARQ Athlete GPS Smartwatch


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Choose your MARQ and receive a free HRM Pro. Please see terms and condition for more information. MARQ® Story The life we know and the passions we pursue are unmistakably stoked, steered and shaped by Garmin technology. The endurance sport, redefined. The majesty of modern flight, reimagined. The courses on our oceans and lakes, recharted. This heritage. This expertise. This incomparable story of innovation has now materialised itself in an entirely new manner. Five extraordinary watches. Crafted. Connected. And here to champion the life you live. MARQ®. The Captain. The Aviator. The Athlete. The Driver. The Expedition. True to the markets we serve. Forged from our DNA. Authentic in every detail. MARQ® Athlete Copy Blocks Whether you are determined to finish first or are simply inspired by those who do, MARQ® Athlete is tuned to separate you from your rivals. No other modern tool watch with smart features shows recovery time and VO2 max scales on the bezel, delivering a snapshot of your performance and progress. When travel takes you far from home, integrated maps and popularity routing hone in on the best running and cycling routes. To fine-tune your form, advanced running dynamics and biometrics provide the data you need. Score style and comfort in equal measure with an ultralight titanium case and a high-performance strap. For competitors who demand the very best from themselves, there is no greater reward. MARQ® Athlete Fact Tags Premium-crafted tool watch features an ultralight design with a 46 mm diamond-like carbon coated titanium bezel and brushed titanium case plus a high-performance rubber strap with Quick Fit® mechanism Purpose-built with a domed sapphire lens and always-on display; includes fitness measurements with VO2 max and recovery time scales on the bezel, force yellow highlights and water resistance to 100 metres Cutting-edge performance and training features include more than 26 activity profiles plus advanced running and cycling dynamics (when paired with

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