Sunday 10 April 2022

Obama’s White House photographer took 2 million photos in 8 years of Barack Obaba, here are the very best 20

To have the title of “Official White House Photographer” is a pretty neat job title. Not only do you get the exclusive clearance of documenting the president’s every move, but you have the potential to capture some once in a lifetime, historic moments as well....

This amazing sky full of stars keeps the internet busy at the moment

Sky Full of stars optical illusion
Photographer Kevin Wolf made this beautiful picture in the American Yosemite National Park, and it's pretty amazing. But there is one catch, when you take a closer look at the picture you see a beautiful sky full of stars, but you can't see anything...

Just a collection of 13 hilarious pictures #1

The topic you have been waiting for today! It’s time for our collection of 20 funny, beautiful, emotional and hilarious pictures.